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How the SiteSherpa AI demo works:

  • Simply complete the form to book yourSiteSherpa AI demo
  • We'll confirm receipt of your request and contact you if we need further information.
  • We'll build your SiteSherpa AI demo within a few days and send you a link to review.
  • We'll then book a feedback call with you so you can tell us about your experience with SiteSherpa AI.

    SiteSherpa AI - Your GPT_powered 24/7 Website Assistant.

    Serving customers, generating leads, closing sales, collecting business inteligence.

    What is SiteSherpa AI?

    SiteSherpa AI is a GPT-powered AI website assistant that is trained on your documentation and data. SiteSherpa AI starts as a blank slate and can only respond based on the information you specify it is to be trained on. In essence, SiteSherpa AI is a customised ChatGPT for your business.

    Every visitor who interacts with SiteSherpa AI receives a highly personalised experience. SiteSherpa AI can answer the questions that are most important to each visitor.

    Where can I see my demo?

    Your SiteSherpa AI demo will be built on one of our test pages - we'll customise your demo in your brand colours and train the AI on a set of your documentation.

    You'll receive a link to your demo page where you can interact with SiteSherpa AI, ask it questions and test out what it knows about your business.

    What data will my SiteSherpa AI demo be trained on?

    You can specify which data you'd like your demo trained on. This can be pages from your website or text documents on your computer. SiteSherpa AI can consume the content on web pages and uploaded documents and build its unique responses from this information.

    Who will train SiteSherpa AI?

    SiteSherpa AI is a fully managed, done-for-you service which requires no technical knowledge on your part. You'll simply communicate with your account manager, who will action all your requests and requirements. Once the initial training content has been uploaded, it is time to test and then refine SiteSherpa AI.

    How long does the demo take?

    You can expect to receive a link to your SiteSherpa demo within three working days.  You will receive progress updates that will confirm timelines for your demo.

    How do I test my SiteSherpa AI demo?

    Once you receive your link, you can click through and start interacting with your SiteSherpa AI. Just ask the questions your prospects, customers and web visitors ask and review the answers.

    You will receive transcripts of all conversations and we can refine and improve SiteSherpa AI's output by reviewing the transcripts and identifying responses that were incomplete, incorrect, irrelevant or in some other way deficient.

    What happens on the feedback call?

    The feedback call is primarily designed to help us improve and refine SiteSherpa AI and to further understand the specific challenges you face in your business and how we can help you solve them.

    Is this a sales call?

    No. We don't have a sales team. We don't do 'sales'.

    SiteSherpa AI is a service that sells itself to the right businesses.

    If SiteSherpa AI can help you solve problems and grow your business we're happy discuss how best we can work together.