Be available for your customers 24/7, attract more clients, lower costs & save valuable time.

Our fully-managed, done-for-you service means there's zero technical barriers to start integrating the power of AI into your business today!

Today’s online customers expect immediate answers and personalised experiences, but how can you provide an instant and bespoke service to EVERY prospect?

SiteSherpa AI answers these SMEs' challenges, offering a tailored buyer journey for each visitor, ensuring they find what they're looking for efficiently. 

Transform your website into a dynamic customer service and sales hub

SiteSherpa AI serves the modern consumer's need for instant information

SiteSherpa AI

- offer instant & accurate responses 24/7,

- collect customer and prospect feedback,

- address specific questions in real time,

- directly present offers in conversations,

- generate leads through appointment bookings,

- provide bespoke buyer journeys & boost sales.

Why Choose SiteSherpa AI

SiteSherpa AI bespoke buyer journey

Bespoke Buyer Journeys:

Every visitor is unique. SiteSherpa AI ensures all prospects embark on a personalised journey, guiding them efficiently to what they need.

Customised FAQ Answers:

No more generic responses. Address specific questions and fill knowledge gaps with precision.

SiteSherpa AI Customised FAQ Answers:
SiteSherpa AI provides real time responses

24/7 Real-time Responses:

Your business never sleeps, and neither does SiteSherpa AI. Cater to the modern consumer's demand for instant information, anytime.

Continuous Learning:

Adapting and evolving, SiteSherpa AI learns from every interaction, becoming smarter with each query.

SitesSherpa AI learns continuously

Experience the SiteSherpa AI Advantage

Enhanced Customer Service:

Deliver immediate, accurate responses, elevating customer satisfaction to new heights.

Your customers will receive immediate, accurate responses, improving customer satisfaction. No more delays or frustrations - SiteSherpa AI will guide your customers through the buying journey, removing barriers & uncertainties.

SiteSherpa AI customer service agent
SiteSherpa AI boosts sales

Boosted Sales:

Guide prospects seamlessly, removing barriers and uncertainties to drive sales like never before.

By providing personalised buyer journeys and addressing customer queries in real time, SiteSherpa AI empowers your prospects to make informed purchasing decisions - no more lost sales due to unanswered questions or confusion.

Valuable Business Intelligence:

Gain valuable insights from the chat records, highlighting gaps in your buying journey.

These actionable reports go beyond raw data, providing analysis and insights that can directly inform your business strategies, enabling you to make decisions based on feedback from prospects.

SiteSherpa AI - always available 24/7

Always available:

Potential sales opportunities and customer queries never go unanswered, thanks to 24/7 availability.

Your business is always open for potential sales and customer queries with SiteSherpa AI working tirelessly 24/7, ensuring you never miss out on valuable opportunities.

Cost-effective Solution:

Quality doesn't always mean high prices.

We understand that affordability is crucial for SMEs; therefore, we offer a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. SiteSherpa AI is built for SMEs and designed to fit your needs and budget.

SiteSherpa AI cost-effective customer support
SiteSherpa AI fully-managed service

Fully-managed Service:

SiteSherpa AI is a fully-managed service: minimal effort, maximum results.

We understand your time is limited, so AI training, implementation & maintenance are done for you, meaning there are no technical barriers to getting started today!

Who Can Benefit from SiteSherpa?

SiteSherpa AI is ideal for any local business with an online presence offering products or services that frequently encounter customer queries.

E-commerce Businesses

Diverse product ranges? No problem.

Service Providers

Clinics, salons, consultants, and more.

Real Estate Agencies

Simplify property queries and viewings.

Educational Institutions

Address queries about courses, admissions & fees.

Tech Companies

Clarify software features and pricing tiers effortlessly.

Local Artisans and Craftsmen

Showcase your products with detailed information.

SiteSherpa is here to elevate your customer experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide your website visitors with clear, immediate answers that expedite sales decisions and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Reach out to us today to discuss how SiteSherpa AI can save you time, money and stress by optimising your business, driving down costs and increasing revenue.