AI Resources For Small Business

Resources to help local businesses leverage AI to save time, money and stress!

Learn about AI tools for local business, prompting public LLMs, researching with Google Bard and how to analyse data with ChatGPT

Understanding Public LLM Models

Public 'Large Language Models' have proliferated the AI space - here's your business guide to how, why and when to use them.

Public LLMs - an overview of the various models available for public use

Google Bard - what is Google Bard and how to use it for business

GPT-3.5 Vs GPT-4 - The free version of ChatGPT is good, but GPT Plus is a massive upgrade.


Fundamentals of AI

Understanding how AI works and develops

Natural Language Processing - understanding the role of Natural Language Processing in the development of AI tools for small business.


AI Tools For Local Business

AI-powered products, services and tools that can hep your local business

AI Tools for Customer Support - AI tools and services available for customer support.

AI Tools for Marketing - improve your marketing outputs with these AI tools.

AI Tools for Data Analysis - need to crunch some company data - these AI tools can help.

AI Tools for Cybersecurity - which AI options are available to beef up your cybersecurity.

AI Tools for Financial Management - automate your financial reporting with these time-saving AI tools.

AI Tools for Workflow Automation - transform your daily schedule with AI automation tools.